Michelle Westburgh

I am a unisex waxing therapist located in Benfleet, Essex.  Treatments include chest, back, legs and female Hollywood waxing.  I offer hard gel nail extensions, gel overlays.  Lash, lift & tints, Express lashes & foot treatments.

Prepare for a wax treatment?

Allow the hair to grow half an inch so that the wax can hold onto the hair. Have a warm shower to remove body oils, creams and lotions. Avoid sun and sunbeds for 24hours before a wax.


During a wax treatment?

You will need to remove clothing to get access to your skin that requires waxing. You may experience redness, this is a normal reaction and can last up to 24 hours.


After a wax treatment?

Wear loose clothing, avoid physical activites. Have a cool bath or shower. No heat treatments or sun bathing. Do use an antiseptic cream for the first 3 days to help prevent infection. Use a scrub or loofah (exfoiate) 3 times per week and apply a moisturiser daily to prevent ingrowing hairs and to hydrate the skin.


How often should I have a wax treatment?

It may take up to 4 waxing treatments for your hair to grow at the same rate, as hairs grow at different times due to the hair growth cycle, medication, hormones and seasons. Do not shave, tweeze or use hair cream remover between waxing treatments.
Plus, there is no such thing as pain free waxing.